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Don’t Be a Buddy Punch: Avoiding Conflicts at Work




Buddy Punch is one of the most common reasons why people get fired from their jobs, according to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). This act of retribution happens when an employee who recently left or was fired from a company starts giving negative information about the company to its clients or business partners. Knowing how Buddy Punching occurs and knowing how to avoid it can help you protect your current job as well as keep you from making this embarrassing mistake yourself.

Understand how conflicts happen

To avoid buddy punching, it’s important to understand how conflicts happen in the first place. Oftentimes, people butt heads because they have different perspectives or goals. In other cases, someone may feel like they’re being treated unfairly. Whatever the reason, it’s important to try to see the situation from the other person’s point of view and come to a resolution that works for both of you.

Deal with disagreements effectively

It’s inevitable that you’ll disagree with your co-workers from time to time. But it’s important to handle these disagreements in a constructive, professional way. Here are five tips for doing just that – Don’t talk about the disagreement outside of work.

  • If possible, give the other person a heads up before discussing an issue that might lead to conflict.
  • Focus on solving the problem or issue as opposed to assigning blame.
  • Empathize with the other person’s point of view.
  • Keep emotions in check when speaking about difficult topics.

Understand what can cause conflict

Conflict at work can be caused by a variety of things, such as differing opinions, personal issues, or even just miscommunication. It’s important to be aware of what can cause conflict so that you can avoid it in the future. Try not to get defensive if someone suggests something new; have an open mind and consider their suggestion before rejecting it. Even if there is no potential for disagreement, don’t assume that another person shares your opinion and ask them about their thoughts on the matter.

Dealing with co-workers fighting each other

No one wants to come into work and find that their co-workers are fighting. It can make the work day feel long and difficult, and it can also make it hard to get your own work done. If you find yourself in this situation, there are a few things you can do to try and diffuse the situation. First, it’s important to remember that you’re not involved in the fight. You can just stay out of it by continuing on with your work or engaging with other co-workers. Second, if someone comes up to talk to you about what’s going on, take a deep breath before responding so that they know you’re listening but not reacting emotionally. Try asking them what they think should happen next or how they would handle the conflict if they were asked for advice from someone else.

How to deescalate conflicts in the workplace

If you find yourself in the middle of a conflict at work, there are some things you can do to deescalate the situation. First, try to stay calm and avoid getting defensive. Second, listen to what the other person is saying and try to see their perspective. Third, explain your own perspective clearly and respectfully. Fourth, try to find common ground or a compromise. And finally, if all else fails, seek help from a neutral third party.

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