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Five advantages that software localization services bring to your project




One of the finest choices you can make to grow your business is to go global to reach out to new clients and enter other marketplaces. Furthermore, unlike what it may appear, extending across borders need not be onerous. It might be competent, cost-effective, and simple to deal with a professional translation agency instead of employing individual translators. No matter where a consumer buys from you, if you’re going to provide best-in-class customer service, you need to consider more than just translation. Software localization services are now optional, especially if you want to compete internationally. Localization is adapting a piece of material’s meaning for a different region, including translation, accompanying images, and cultural factors that affect how your information is perceived. Users are more receptive to fully localized information than merely translating English words because it combines pertinent cultural flavors to feel familiar. With the help of professional localization agencies, this can be done effectively. So what are the advantages of hiring a good software localization agency for your project?

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1. Bundled with expert language services

Even if your website or app has only essential information, you probably have more material than you realize. And you keep adding new features, creating recent articles, releasing new landing pages, and upgrading that material. A headache is waiting to happen when you combine it with the fact that it takes many languages to reach the bulk of the global audience. Due to the complexity of international material, software localization services can combine software and language services to simplify things. Their platforms streamline the human translation process so you can easily manage it all in one location with a complete system of record for all international content, from your website to your ecommerce checkout flow. More than simply translation is involved in localization; in addition to expanding the number of languages available on your website, you can also ensure that your messaging, assets, and pictures are appropriate for each of your target markets.

2. Ensure accurate translations for app localization, among other things

Standard translation procedures focus on intelligible, grammatically accurate solutions that will only strengthen your brand’s appeal and connect with your target audience. It is even more crucial for companies with many multimedia or e-learning materials. Instead, translators can use culturally appropriate allusions while still maintaining their message’s essence by transcreation. With localization services, both your company and the translator are familiar. They may assist you in carrying out a specific tone and voice to represent your business internationally, and you also get unparalleled quality assurance. Robust translation memory, glossaries and style guides, and visual context give translators more information to deliver high-quality translations the first time.

3. Adapt to the rest of your technological infrastructure

Translating from one language to the target language can take a little time. You may handle your translation projects with the help of technological integrations without ever writing an email, pressing a button, or dealing with spreadsheet strings. Localization services can automate the professional translation procedure and interact with your source content.

4. Make data-driven choices on your go-to-market plan

When it comes to translation, you frequently work in the dark.

Your worldwide go-to-market strategy must include localization as a significant component. You can effectively decide about future expansion, engagement, or budget allocation once you have explicit knowledge of how your translations and content perform. You should monitor the following essential metrics:

    • Views per page:

 If view counts don’t rise after translation, you should look more closely at other elements of your localization strategy. More than a simple translation might be required to draw customers into the global marketplace. For instance, the best keywords might change depending on the language. Thus, targeting them locally is crucial to increase their exposure on search engines.

    • Downloads of apps:

Compare the number of app downloads from a particular local market before and after developing a translated app to calculate the return on investment for localization services or translating your mobile apps. You may also evaluate the statistics if your translated software offers in-app downloads or direct buying choices.

    • Engagement: 

Track the number of times your content and website are shared, as well as the number of times your brand is mentioned on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, before and after translation, to see whether there is a rise in interest among the regional markets you are aiming for.

    • Customer expansion and retention:

When in doubt, after your content has been translated, go straight to the source. Look at customer testimonials for your business or ask current and prospective customers how satisfied they are.

    • Revenue:

Although there are other indicators that your localization efforts are succeeding in new areas, a rise in actual sales is unquestionably crucial. It’s a positive indicator if your sales in regional markets rise due to translation.

Final thought

Now it is clear that the localization process is not as simple as translation. Indeed the cost of operation of all the actions needed will be high and time-consuming. Still, with the help of a good software localization company, you will deal with expert language services, ensure high accuracy, automate the whole translation procedure with your content, and help you to make data-driven choices on your go-to-market plan.

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