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How to effectively combine a sporting event with gamification?




Sport becomes more universal and digitized

Finally, the gamification for apps and digitalization of sports contribute to making competitions and sporting events more global, allowing athletes from all over the world to compete with each other and attract audiences internationally. Technological connectivity does not know the physical distance and geographical limits that hinder the spread of international sports. Several digital sports platforms allow individual athletes, such as cyclists, to use connection technologies to compete and compete against each other on opposite sides of the world.

By facilitating connections and offering greater international involvement, the gamification of sports can help a company develop and grow the number of participants and spectators around the world. With gamification, therefore, sporting events become more accessible and combine the best of sport and entertainment!

Combining Sports events with Gamification

Gamification is an excellent marketing tool, but it needs to be applied correctly to your event to be effective and achieve all your goals. One of the most important pieces of the puzzle lies in the conception of the various elements of gamification, which must be familiar and easy for customers to understand. If the elements are too complex, consumers will quickly lose interest!

Measurability is another key to gamification success as users are more engaged when they can compare their results with those of others. Furthermore, it is essential to ensure that gamification goals are achievable as too difficult experiences quickly create frustration in players and can lead them to abandon the game completely.

Gamification can be actively integrated into all real sporting events so that the game event begins to play a direct role in a given sport. An effective approach, already used by Drimify, is to organize a contest and have visitors participate in a digital satisfaction survey during a sports-themed fair, for example. These tools will ensure loyalty to your company and greatly increase the levels of engagement of your customers!

Sports marketing and gamification go hand in hand. By effectively using gaming mechanisms to encourage consumers to participate, sports brands and businesses achieve their goals and are perfectly positioned to connect with their audience which opens a whole new world of possibilities!

Sports marketing and gamification go hand in hand. By effectively using gameplay mechanisms to encourage consumers to participate, sports brands and companies will achieve their goals and fit in perfectly with their audiences, opening up a whole new world full of possibilities!

A success story

An excellent example of this concept is found in the agreement between Allianz Riviera and OGC Nice club, in the top division of French football, developing the “Stadium Experience” application for mobile devices. The sports club’s gamified application has proposed game functions that have fundamentally changed the way the public attends live sporting events. Fans and supporters registered in the application could make quarterly predictions based on various game statistics through their accounts, being then rewarded with points and placed in the standings in real-time together with other users.

Below are the words of Jean-Pierre Rivère, president of the Nice football team:

Thanks to the application, we can make the most of new technologies for the benefit of the fans. Get excited about a great shot, take advantage of advanced statistics and participate in interactive online bets and surveys… It’s an additional service, on demand. All this would not have been possible without the very successful collaboration established with the Allianz Riviera.

By creating this interactive and tailored experience, sports enthusiasts engage and engage in interactive gamification, while sports club marketing specialists derive the incredible benefits of being able to reach their customers through an easy and interesting channel to adopt.

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