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Light Up Your Next Event with LED Lighting Rental




Lighting creates a massive impact on any event. It can set the mood, atmosphere, and ambiance of your venue. All of it can influence your guests’ emotions and impressions of the event. However, this is only possible if done right using the best LED lighting rental and more.

Take note that event lighting is not just about colors and brightness. In this article, we will share how you can use lighting at your next events the right way.

Stage lighting

Are you planning a concert, conference, or product launch? If so, you can enhance the stage presence with proper lighting. A combination of ellipsoidal, follow spots, moving heads, fresnels, flood lights, and more will transform your stage into a spectacle.

Aside from its aesthetic value, stage LED lighting is also functional. It ensures that the audience can see what’s happening while setting the scene and mood.

Party lighting

A lit party is not complete without energizing lights. Whether it’s an intimate celebration or a full-on dance party, there’s a lighting system to level up the vibe.

You can use a combination of laser lights, disco balls, strobes, LED lights, and more. But for a laidback party, string lights, letter lighting, and uplighting will be perfect.

Wedding lighting

Wedding lights create a sense of intimacy. It can be achieved through the combination of low and bright lighting all over the venue. You can use LED twinkle lights, candles, overhead bulbs, string lights, and uplighting.

Aside from that, wedding lighting can also highlight the guests and other special moments. Overall, proper lighting can transform a plain wedding venue into a sophisticated space.

DJ lighting

Are you hosting a dance party? Aside from getting the best DJ equipment, you should also pair it with the right lighting.

DJ lighting will make the event more fun and immersive for your guests. You can also use sound-activated LED lights to match the DJ’s choice of music.

LED uplights

Uplighting is indispensable for almost any event. It’s aesthetic, functional, and practical, so there’s no reason not to add these to your lighting system.

Moreover, uplighting allows you to save money from decors. It can transform drab walls into colorful displays. It’s also customizable to match the color, brightness, and position that you like.

Aside from that, uplighting can be used to light up walkways, especially at night. You can also utilize this light to draw more attention to specific areas of your venue.

Outdoor lighting

If you’re holding an event in an outdoor venue, proper lighting is a must. It will set the mood and keep your guests safe throughout the event.

When it comes to outdoor LED lights, there are three major elements: ambient, task, and accent.

Ambient lights set the mood while task lights serve a specific purpose such as keeping the pathway visible. Meanwhile, accent lighting allows you to highlight specific areas of the outdoor venue.


Each event requires customized lighting solutions. If done the right way, LED lighting can stir positive emotions, enhance the event experience, and increase brand awareness.

Whether you’re planning a small or large event, Rent For Event can help. We are a full-service event production company based in Los Angeles but with a nationwide reach. Our team is ready to transform your event with spectacular lighting solutions.

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