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Experience Needed When Reading Odds At The Bookmaker




To increase the chances of winning when betting at the bookie, people often apply the method of reading odds. So how should these ratios be read to match the meaning of each number? In today’s article we will provide some more information about the experience required when reading these ratios.

1.How is the definition of the house edge ratio understood?

Anyone with a passion for betting will have heard the phrase odds at the house. This is a phrase used to talk about the ratio of goals scored by two teams in a football match. Predicting the score for each match is something that people often do before participating in football betting. There will be predictions about the winner, the loser and the number of goals scored by the end of the match. At this time, the main task of the house will be to offer different rafters for players to refer to and choose which rafters to follow.

For reputable bookmakers, about a week before the start of the match, the bookie will give specific analysis and have the exact odds when making a bet for the match for bettors to refer to. In the meantime, if you are passionate about betting, then immediately refer to the analysis and choose the bets that you think will win big.

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2.How to read the odds when betting on football at the bookies

In a football match, there will be many different odds, the meaning of each ty rleej will be understood as follows:

2.1 Bookmaker football odds

For the odds of ¼, you simply need to understand that the handicap is less than half the left. Specifically, when the ball game ends, those who bet on the upper hand will win in case the score is even. But if the match ends and the score is won, those who bet on the handicap team will win the bet. In this case, the bettor’s bonus amount will be calculated as follows: Bonus amount = Bet amount + specified rate.

2.2 House football odds ½

In the case of bets on ½, it means that the bottom team is handicapped with the left half against the top team. In this case, if the match result is a draw, then you will not be refunded. This bet can only win or lose. So when you place a winning bet on the upper hand and the result of your upper team winning big, you will win the bet. If your team bets and loses, you lose.

2.3 Bookmaker football odds 2.25

Odds of 2.25 means that in case a team kicks 2 goals apart, the bottom team will get half the money and the top team will lose half the money. In the event that the goal difference is 3 or more, the top team will eat the entire bet amount.

Screenshot 1

2.4 House football odds 0-0

In case you choose the odds of 0 – 0, at the end of the match if both teams are tied, the bets will be refunded regardless of whether the bet is under or over. But if the score wins, the bettor on the winning team will get money. The way to calculate the winnings is as follows: Win or lose = bet amount x specified rate from the beginning.

2.5 Odds are 1.25

If you choose to bet at odds of 1.25, then when you bet on the top team but have at least 1 goal difference, you will lose half of the amount. In case you want to win the full amount, the match must have a difference of 2 goals or more.

2.6 Odds of 1.75 at the house

For this bet the handicap will be 2 or 1 and a half. In case the upper door wants to win, you must enter at least 3 goals. If the winning distance is only 2 goals, you only get half of the money. If the score is matched, whoever places the bottom bet will win and eat the entire bet amount.

2.7 Odds 1.5 at the house

When placing the odds of 1.5, it means that the lower door team is handicapped by the upper hand by 1 and a half. In case the match score is a draw or 0 -1, the top team will win the entire amount. In case you win by a difference of 2 goals and you bet on the above, you will win.

The content of the article above we have shared in the most complete and detailed way the cases of betting odds in football. Hopefully, this information will help you in the process of playing football betting at reputable bookmakers. If you have any questions, you can visit the website of the 789BETs bookie to learn more.

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