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Generating E-Commerce Revenue with Omnichannel Communication




You have to interact with your clients; the best way to do that in the modern world is on their terms. How do you pull that off? You invest in omnichannel communication. It’s an approach that improves customer satisfaction and generates value for your business in multiple dimensions.

An Introduction to Omnichannel Communication 

For anyone unfamiliar with the term, omnichannel communication describes how clients can interact with your business. These days, it’s common to have a website. If clients can create an account, contact you, or shop on your website, that’s a channel.

If you have a short messaging service or text communications available for your clients, that’s another channel. Your social media accounts, phone lines, live chat, and any other communication means are each their channel.

The main idea of omnichannel messaging is that all these forms of communication are centralized on your end, so regardless of what a customer chooses, they get a consistent experience.

Benefits of Omnichannel Communication 

You get some notable benefits when you turn your various communication channels into an omnichannel e-commerce system. For starters, data collection becomes much more manageable. As clients interact with your channels, they supply personalized data you can use to enhance their experience.

At the same time, your omnichannel centralization becomes a communication hub that makes it easier for customers to pick how they want to interact with you. That choice allows them to make their own experience better.

A third significant benefit has to do with brand value. As you clean up your omnichannel e-commerce system, you can create a consistent brand experience that improves how clients and prospects feel about you in general.

Best Practices 

If you’re seriously considering an omnichannel approach, a few best practices can go a long way.

Seamless Integration 

The key to great omnichannel utilization is to make the experience feel the same across any channel. Whether a customer is using your website, email, social media, live chat, or receiving your texts, the goal is to create as much consistency in the interaction and experience as possible.

More importantly, clients should be able to switch channels at will without disruption. If they input information on your website, that should be readily available when they pull up a live chat session.


Omnichannel software is great for collecting and organizing customer data.. Put it to use. Your clients will create profiles and/or accounts to manage their access to all your channels. That leaves you a lot of room for personalization.

This is about more than just using their name in messages. Interact with them on their terms. If they shop through your channels, pay attention to what they buy. If they have opened multiple support tickets, look for common threads. You can use this to customize the experience and improve customer satisfaction.

Mobile Accessibility 

People use mobile devices more often than not for internet-based activities. Prioritize the mobile experience when you build your omnichannel messaging. If the mobile experience is clean and functional, the rest will follow, and your prospects and current clients will appreciate that their primary means of interacting with you is managed so well.

Self-Service Empowerment 

Most of all, self-service is empowering and convenient. Make it easy, accessible, and robust, so your customers can take care of themselves on their terms. This will lower how much you need to spend on support resources. Moreover, empowered clients tend to be happy clients. If it’s easy for them to take care of whatever they need, then their lives are improved as a result, and they will appreciate your omnichannel e-commerce approach.

Overall, omnichannel communications systems require considerable investment and deep planning. With resources like those available from Mitto, you can streamline the planning and ensure you’re working with the best tools available.

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