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How To Send Handwritten Cards Online




The holidays are coming up and chances are you’re thinking about what to get for loved ones. There’s a solution for those who might not have time to handwrite cards: you can send handwritten cards online! Find out all the tips and tricks in this article on how to create your own personalized cards from scratch, or use a pre-made card design. The best part is that it doesn’t have to cost anything at all!

How to Send Handwritten Cards Online

With the ubiquity of technology, it’s easy to forget the simple joys of a handwritten letter or card. Fortunately, there are still ways to send handwritten cards online! Here are some tips for sending handwritten cards online. Please note that the format may be different from platform to platform.

  1. Look for websites that offer personalized cards. These websites will often let you use their premade templates or use your won design so that your card looks just like it was written by you!
  2. Create an account and login. After settling on a particular platform to use, the first thing to make your handwritten card to come to live is to create your account.
  3. Choose a plan. Depending on the number of cards you would love to send on a monthly basis, you may decide to choose either the basic, standard or pro plan.
  4. Select a card from the existing templates to Send: Most of the online tools has 100’s of premade templates you can choose from. In case you do not love the existing templates, there is a liberty to design your own to look exactly as you want it to look.
  5. Write your Message: Begin to craft your message.Write exactly what you want you want to communicate to the person you are writing to.
  6. Select your preferred Handwriting Style: Select the font type you prefer. There are varieties of font’s available to choose from. Like Canva, and other design tools, most handwriting tools also gives you the opportunity to change the font at anytime before saving your final design.
  7. Save & Choose a Send Date: After you are done with all your editings, save your work and choose a date.
  8. Sit and Relax: You’re all set! You got a custom-made card without lifting a pen, buying a stamp, or making a trip to the post office. If you chose a specific mailing date, your card will be written and addressed perfectly and delivered on that date. Otherwise, it’ll be mailed within our standard delivery window.

How Easy It Is To Send a Handwritten Card?

Sending a handwritten card is easier than ever with online services that will print and mail your card for you. All you need is a computer or smartphone and an internet connection. You can even use your own handwriting or a digital font to create a personalized message.

There are many online companies that offer this service, so you can choose the one that best meets your needs. Some companies allow you to send a single card, while others offer subscription plans that let you send multiple cards each month.

To get started, simply select the company you want to use and create an account. Then, choose the type of card you want to send, add your personal message, and select the recipient’s address. The company will then print and mail the card for you. It’s that easy!

Reasons Why You Should Write More Handwritten Letters

While an email or text might be the quickest way to communicate, it doesn’t have the same personal touch as a handwritten letter. There are plenty of reasons why you should make an effort to write more handwritten letters. From the personal touch to the mental health benefits, read on to learn more about why you should start writing more letters by hand.

  • The Personal Touch: Handwritten letters creates that kind of personal touch. It proves to the receiver that you really care about them. Coming up with a handwritten letter takes lots of time and effort and therefore people value the effort put in.
  • Handwritten Letters last: Unlike emails and text messages in which are received and ignored on daily basis, handwritten letters are mostly regarded as special and kept by the recipient in files and cabinets. A letter I received from my crush in my early days in school is still in my files. That’s how powerful it is!
  • Keeping Up the Tradition: Handwritten letters are more personal, and they perpetuate a tradition that has gone on for centuries. There is something special about continuing this practice in today’s high-tech world.

From the moment you put pen to paper and start writing, your letter goes through a journey. It’s passed from person to person, carefully folded, taped shut and put in an envelope. No matter what’s inside, this process makes the experience much more meaningful.

Sometimes it’s nice to put away the cell phones and computer screens to chat with friends in person. The experience is richer, more “human” and personal, and loved by older friends and relatives.

It might be hard for people to think that it takes little effort to write a letter, – but that’s just another reason why we should all do it more often. In the grand scheme of things, sitting down and putting pen to paper is nothing, particularly while we continue to value handwritten letters.

When you consider the low cost of sending a letter compared with all the technology needed for other forms of communication, it’s easy to see how much cheaper and more effective this method really is.

Final Thoughts

Sending handwritten cards online is a great way to add a personal touch to your communication, and there are plenty of services that can help you do it. Whether you’re sending thank-yous, invitations, or just thinking of someone, a handwritten card is sure to make a lasting impression. To get started, all you need is a list of recipients, some stationery, and a little bit of time. So why not give it a try?

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