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Learn Asian Handicap Jun88 Details With How To Read Handicap




Asian handicap Jun88 is also a popular choice of bettors besides European handicap. This type of betting is very popular in the football betting market today. Join nhà cái jun88 to learn about Asian rafters and how to read the odds in the following article to get more information to make the best decision.

1.How is Jun88 Asian handicap in betting understood?

Asian Handicap Jun88 is also known as Handicap and football handicap. Popular bets in Asian countries are denoted on the board as HDP. Currently, Asian bets are used a lot in matches with a difference in level between the two teams. The purpose of this bet was to balance the difference in level of the two teams.

Therefore, bets are only used in the official 90 minutes of play, excluding extra time. The Asian handicap has the outstanding feature of having a handicap, the stronger team quality the weaker team. Currently at the house Jun88 offers attractive odds with this type of rafters. Players can access and explore more after registering an account.

Asian Handicap Jun88 was born to shorten the level difference between the two teams

2.How to read Jun88 Asian odds in detail

To read the Asian odds well Jun88, you need to determine which team is the top and which is the bottom. Specifically, how to read the odds below will help you gain more knowledge when playing Asian rafters at the house.

2.1 Ball bets

The ball is an Asian handicap with a handicap of 0, the win or loss of the match is determined by the match score. This type of rafters is not popular among players who choose Asian rafters.

2.2 Handicap 0.25

The house gives the odds of the upper hand handicapping the lower hand of 0.25 left. Players who bet on the top team to win or the bottom team to win will have an outcome proportional to the match score. If the score of the match is a draw, then the upper hand loses the bet, the lower bet wins the bet.

2.3 Jun88 Asian Handicap odds

Similar to the 0.25 rafter, the ½ rafter means the rate is 0.5. The way to determine the win or loss for choosing a betting door is the same as the 0.25 bet. However, the bonus received if winning will be less than the 0.25 bet.

2.4 Handicap 1 left

Jun88 will give the odds of the upper hand handicapping the bottom hand is 1 left. When the match ends, the upper hand wins 1 goal and the player bets on the upper hand, the result ekets will be a draw. If the upper hand wins by 2 goals, the player who chooses the upper hand wins the bet. If the match result is a draw or the underdog wins, then choose the upper hand to lose.

Xem :

2.5 1/1.5 . Handicap

Handicap is offered by the house Jun88 when the upper hand handicaps the lower door is 1/1.5. When the score of the match ends with the upper hand winning 1 goal, the person who chose the upper door loses. If the upper hand wins by 2 or more goals, the player who placed the upper hand wins. The match score is a draw, the top team loses the bet.

Screenshot 2

Asian Handicap at bookies pays well, attractive to players

2.6 Asian Handicap Jun88 Handicap 1.5

The upper hand handicap is 1.5 left for the match. Bet results after the match ends will be calculated as follows:

If the upper hand team wins by 1 goal and the player chooses the upper hand, the bet will be lost.

If the top team wins by 2 goals or more and the player chooses the upper hand, the bet wins.

If the result is a draw or the top team loses, the bottom team wins the bet.

2.7 Accepting odds of 2 in Asian rafters

This is a handicap showing the huge disparity between the two teams. Below will be how to calculate winning and losing when playing with this ratio.

If the top team wins 1 goal, draw or lose means that the upper hand will lose.

If the top team wins by 2 goals, then choosing the upper door will draw.

If the top team wins 3 goals, then choosing the upper door can win.

3.Experience to play Asian rafters Jun88 is easy to win

If you want to win the Asian bet at this bookie, you will have to pocket the following experiences:

3.1Choose low handicap handicap bets

Choosing the home team will bring more advantages to the bettors. But there is a case where the away team is stronger, the handicap with a small ratio of 0.5-1 left shows the imbalance between the two teams. At this point, you should choose the home team because the away team has the upper hand, but the handicap is quite small.

Screenshot 3

Experience participating in Asian rafters Jun88 is highly effective

3.2 Should judge, check before choosing

When you want to play the Asian bet Jun88 effectively, you should check and judge before the match. The odds if there is a fluctuation before the ball rolls about 1 hour, it means that the information has changed. The house has updated and adjusted the odds, players should also refer to adjust their bets.

Asian handicap Jun88 is an attractive choice for all football players around the world. You will receive a fairly large bonus if you know how to identify and bet with a reasonable rate. Hope the above article has helped you to be more confident to participate in this bet.

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