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How to Select an Outdoor Cat Shelter?




Some cats dread the arrival of winter due to extremely low temperatures. They can shiver, hunch down, puff up, and seek warmer places to rest. Cats also physically adjust themselves to changing temperatures by growing thick coats that help conserve body heat.

A cat that spends time outdoors requires more food in the cold season as warming the body depletes energy. Although many cat breeds are well adapted to cold weather, when cats are exposed to freezing or below-freezing temperatures, they are susceptible to frostbite and hypothermia.

Cat owners should consider purchasing pet health insurance, so their fur babies are covered for unforeseen health conditions and emergencies. Also, the number of risks an outdoor fur baby has to deal with can be inconceivable, which is why buying pet insurance for cats becomes more essential.

Contemplate buying a pet policy; at the same time, read this article to learn how an outdoor cat shelter can benefit your furball and some features you must look for in an ideal cat shelter.

Outdoor cat shelter benefits

While some cats like roaming outdoors for a change of air, others prefer staying outside for extended periods. Irrespective of your cat’s reasons to lounge outside, as a cat parent, you should support your furball’s choices by helping it stay warm and safe when the weather takes a turn for the worse.

One solution to your cat’s cold weather troubles is providing it with a comfortable and fun shelter outside. An outdoor shelter can serve many purposes, of which we have listed a few below.

  • Protects your cat from rain and cold.
  • Offers shade on hot days.
  • Your cat stays guarded even if there is no cat flap.
  • Your cat can freely move outside and retreat into this place of safety when the weather takes a toll.

Features to look for in an outdoor cat shelter

  • Durable material
  • Water-resistant (For example: made of plastic or other synthetic items)
  • Windproof
  • Damp proof (resistant to bacterial growth)
  • Rot proof (not made of wood or other materials that can rot)
  • Leak proof (shelter with no joints helps avoid water seepage)
  • UV resistant
  • Drain hole (helps with water drainage while hosing down the interior)
  • Molded plastic (shelter made from a single plastic piece requires no assembly)
  • Padded heated floor
  • Raised floor panel

For insulation, you can place a mattress or a liner accessory if the shelter doesn’t include a heating pad. Also, consider buying machine washable variants for easy maintenance and ensuring your cat’s hygiene. Your top concern while shopping for an exceptional outdoor cat shelter should be your furball’s comfort and safety. You need not hesitate to reject a pet product that doesn’t satisfy these conditions.

Consider the above factors before buying an outdoor cat shelter for your furball. This preparation is fundamental to safeguard your outdoor pet during extreme weather. Pay attention to preventive care and be prepared to provide curative care in pet health emergencies and other unexpected medical situations through pet insurance for cats. Pet health insurance helps provide your munchkin with the best medical care during non-routine vet visits and effectively manage vet bills. Aren’t these reasons enough to consider buying a pet policy?

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