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iTop VPN – Kill Switch, Ad Blocker, and Split Tunneling




If you want to access any web content regardless of its location, you need a VPN service like iTop VPN. This tool helps you bypass geo-restrictions and allows you to access any content, including social networking apps. It also helps you bypass government censorship. Read on to learn about iTop VPN’s killer switch, privacy policy, and split tunneling feature.

iTop VPN’s kill switch

A VPN’s kill switch feature can protect you against identity and data leakage, even if your connection is lost or interrupted. This feature helps you avoid any privacy violations, and it works with any connection type and device. Moreover, it prevents the ISP from monitoring your online activities.

iTop VPN offers three connection modes: Balance, Safe, and Offline. Balance mode allows you to use the Internet easily, while Safe Mode offers the highest level of security. Using this mode, you can browse the Internet in peace, shop online, access torrent sites, or download huge files without worrying about your security.

To prevent your IP address from being exposed, للكمبيوتر iTop VPN has a kill switch feature. It helps prevent your internet activity from being traced, which is particularly important if you use public Wi-Fi. However, a kill switch is not a complete security solution. In some cases, a VPN may be interrupted by a weak Wi-Fi signal or a firewall or antivirus.

Its adblocker

If you’re tired of pop-up ads and want to surf the web safely, iTop VPN’s ad blocker is your ticket. It works by making ads disappear and making web pages load faster. It also protects you from attacks and censorship.

The adblocker works on Windows, Mac, and Android. It’s easy to use and does not require advanced settings. All you need to do is toggle it on and off, set alerts, and enable or disable blocking of certain sites. However, the ad blocker doesn’t offer fine tuning or whitelisting, and there’s no way to access ad-blocking stats.

Its split tunneling feature

Split tunneling is a great feature in a VPN, allowing users to choose which websites and apps they want to tunnel through the VPN. This feature is useful for users who aren’t comfortable using a VPN for everything. They can use the VPN for certain apps and websites that contain private or sensitive data. It’s important to keep in mind that this feature only works for the apps that you choose to tunnel.

Split tunneling allows users to use a VPN connection to access websites and apps in countries other than their own. This helps protect sensitive data while not causing too much of a speed penalty for other web activities. Split tunneling comes in two types: URL-based and app-based. The first type lets you select encrypted URLs while the second allows you to route specific apps through the VPN.

The split tunneling feature can be beneficial for business owners who want to restrict their employees from using an unsecured network. This can lead to breaches in corporate security, as employees may access suspicious downloads and sites. In addition, corporate IT would lose visibility into the activities of their employees. Split tunneling also allows you to access two networks at once, without sacrificing internet speed.

Its privacy policy

If you want to protect yourself from unwanted government surveillance, you should use an anonymous VPN like iTop VPN. This service will protect your IP address and browsing history from being stored and used by third parties. It also protects your email, as it uses a third-party to handle mail and transactions. iTop VPN uses encrypted VPN protocols to ensure that your privacy is never compromised. While most VPN for PC providers collect IP addresses, iTop VPN only keeps non-personal data.

While many VPN services use a third-party service to collect your payment details, iTop VPN keeps no records of your personal data on its servers. This protects your data from hackers and ISPs from snooping on your sensitive data. In addition, the iTop VPN application has DNS Protection and Switch Kill features, which ensure your network connection is secure and prevents malware assaults.


iTop VPN offers a money-back guarantee for a full refund within the first 30 days. This is a good way to test a VPN before you commit to paying. The policy also allows for partial or full refunds based on how many days you used the service.

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