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What is Bai U? Details of Buzzing Types You Should Know




What is Bai U?, what basic types of buzzing appear in the game phom? This is a topic that many brothers are interested in today, especially for new members just starting to join. To get a detailed answer to this question, you can follow the information shared by New88 right below.
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Information to answer the question “What is buzzing?”

What is Bai U?? ù means when the player has 3 phoms in their hand at the same time. In the betting game, if 1 person buzzes, the game will end. The buzzed person will be counted as the winner and receive a reward from the system.

In case there are 2 people on the table, both will win and receive rewards. Other members are counted as losers and rewards are paid to the winner.

Learn in detail about what types of cards are there?

TypesWhat is post buzzing?? On each Phom game, there will be many different types of buzzing with their own rules. Down hereNew88 I will share with you the most common types of buzzing:

Ù khan

You can understand that ù khan is used to call the player on the table who is dealt cards, but there is no pair to form phom when another card is added. In this case, it will be very difficult to be effective if you choose to continue playing, or even sell out. In the game Phom, this is an unfortunate thing that many bettors encounter.

White buzzing (white buzzing)

White buzzing is also known by another term, round buzzing. When dealing, the player holds 10 cards but already has 3 phom cards. All he has to do is play 1 card. Then the bet will be counted as a win and the game will end.

Buzzing temple

This term is used to refer to a player who plays 3 cards and the next person wins all 3 cards and busts. In this case, you need to pay the winning amount to that lucky gamer.


This case will happen when the bet ends and you are still holding all 3 pieces J, Q, K but have not yet been able to combine them. At this time, those cards will be scored to distinguish between winning and losing with a very high score, so it is called “default”.

Play phom with important notes to win big

Just understand What is post buzzing? That’s not enough for you to win. Instead, you need to pay attention to the important issues shared belowNew88:

Know the rules of the game

Understanding the rules of the game is considered the most important requirement besides knowing What is post buzzing?to get victory. In the game, you need to know how to receive, calculate points and play cards. Besides, it is also necessary to clearly understand the regulations related to order to avoid violations.
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As soon as you receive the cards, pay attention to see if you have any good phom duos in your hand. From there, we build the most suitable strategies and ways to participate to bring about victory.

Concentrate on observing

In the game Phom, focusing on observing the cards is considered an extremely important factor. There, you not only pay attention to the pieces you own, but also pay attention to the cards played by your opponents to build a suitable way of playing.

During the betting process, pay attention to which cards have been played and which cards have not been played. Rely on that as a basis to build victory for yourself, avoiding the situation of “taking the pin”.

Take down the big cards right away

As everyone knows, the Phom card game is calculated based on the total final score of the member. Therefore, you can immediately remove the big cards in your hand to reduce the final score, increasing your chances of winning even more.

Know how to use psychological tactics

On Phom games, psychology is considered one of the important requirements that members should know to win. You need to learn how to grasp the situation and then apply some tactics to manipulate your opponent’s psychology. If you confidently create pressure from the beginning, it will make them feel confused and give up quickly.


The shares are on the ofNew88 helped you answer your questions What is post buzzing? as well as the most basic types of buzzing. Hopefully that will be an important summary for you to have a more accurate grasp of the game rules so that you can join easily. Wishing you good luck, success, and big rewards every time you start your favorite game.

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